10.5-cm Flak 38

The 10.5 cm Flak 38 was a 105mm anti-aircraft gun used by the German Army and the Luftwaffe on every front of World War II. Developed and manufactured by Rheinmetall, it was in service from 1938 to 1945 as more than half of the 1,500 pieces built were deployed in German territory assigned to the defense of the Reich. In 1939 a versión of this anti-aircraft gun was introduced, being called 10.5-cm Flak 39. Both guns were fitted with an electric fire-control system and a horizontal sliding block breech. Since they were too heavy to be emplaced on a four-wheeled carriage, most of them were mounted on a four-leg static platform. With a 6.65-m-long rifled barrel, the gun had a maximum ceiling of 12,800 m, being able to shoot down anything that moved in the sky no matter how high it flew. However, with a rate of fire of only 16 rpm, it was not enough to stop the Allied carpet bombing of German cities.


Caliber: 105mm

Weight: 10.2 tons

Elevation: -3º to +85º

Traverse: 360º

Recoil: hydropneumatic



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