10.5-cm Kanone 18

The 10.5 cm schwere Kanone 18 was a 105-mm-caliber field gun used by the German Army between 1934 and 1945. It was extensively used on the Eastern and Western Fronts, and in North Africa, during World War II. The two-wheeled carriage of the gun was made by Krupp, while the barrel and breech were manufactured by Rheinmetall. Between 1940 and 1941, this German gun was improved with a longer barrel so that it could have a longer range; this new model would become known as the 10.5-cm K 18/40 and later as the sK 42. However, the original model would continue in use until the end of the war. It was hauled by trucks and halftrack vehicles.


Type: field gun

Weight: 5,624 kg (12,400 lb)

Barrel length: 5.46 m

Shell: 15.4 kg

Elevations: -0º to +48º

Traverse: 64ª

Muzzle velocity: 835 m/s

Range: 19 km

Below: British soldiers inspecting a German 10.5-cm K 18 gun in North Africa



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