12.8 cm Flak 40

The 12.8 cm Flak 40 was a 128mm-caliber anit-aircraft gun deployed by the Wehrmacht in World War II. Since it was so heavy, it was usually emplaced on a fixed platform on the outskirts of the main German cities. In service between 1942 and 1945, Rheinmatall manufactured only 600 12.8 cm Flak 40 AA guns, with only the first six ones being mounted on a mobile carriage. There was also a twin version of this gun called 12.5 cm Flakzwilling 40, which was produced to increase its firepower as several tall concrete towers were built for the emplacement of these heavy guns. All in all, it was a powerful and effective anti-aircraft weapon; however it could not stop the Allied bombing of German cities, carried out by an overwehlming number of Allied bombers that flew into German airspace in massive waves.


Maximum effective ceiling: 14,800 m

Shell: 26 kg (57.3 lb)

Static weight: 13 tons

Barrel length: 7.8 m

Elevation: -3º to + 87.7º


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