15-cm Kanone 18

The 15-cm Kanone 18 was a German, heavy artillery piece used by the Wehrmacht between 1938 and 1945. Despite its heavy weight, this gun was employed as a field artillery during the German invasion of Poland, the Battle of France, seeing combat action on the Eastern Front as well. Rheinmetall manufactured only 120 15-cm K 18 guns. In 1944, during the Allied invasion of Normandy, some of them were used by artillery units in the coastal defence of Northern France against the Allied ground troops.

The 15-cm Kanone 18 was composed of a 8.2-m-long barrel set on a two-wheeled, box trail carriage, featuring a hydro-pneumatic recoil system. Fitted with a horizontal block breech, the gun had an excellent range and fired 43-kg HE and anti-bunker shells, which was satisfactory for the German military. However, it was too heavy and, for long distance displacement or relocation, its long barrel had to be taken down from its carriage; thus, the gun was transported in two loads, which was the only drawback. For short distance, it was hauled by halftrack vehicles.


Type: heavy gun

Caliber: 149.1 mm

Weight: 12.46 tons

Barrel length: 8.2 m (26 ft 11 in)

Elevation: -2º to +43º

Traverse: 11º

Muzzle velocity: 865 m/s

Maximum range: 24.5 km (about 16 miles)



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