15-cm Kanone 39

Designed and produced by Krupp, the 15 cm Kanone 39 was a 149mm heavy artillery piece in service with the Wehrmacht between 1939 and 1945. It featured an 8.2-m-long barrel mounted on a two-wheeled, split-trail carriage. This heavy gun was hauled to the battlefield by either halftrack vehicles or by horses. The barrel was fitted with a horizontal block breech and shot 43-kg shells. For the coastal defence assignment, the 15 cm Kanone 39 came with a portable turntable, on which the gun was implaced, with a 360º traverse. Thus, the whole piece was transported in three loads; carriage, barrel, and turntable. Krupp manufactured only about 50 Kanone 39s. On the Eastern Front, it was used as a field artillery piece, and on the Western Front, it was assigned to the Atlantic Wall defences. It was too heavy and cumbersome to be used as a field artillery gun.


Type: heavy gun

Caliber: 149.1 mm

Weight: 12,200 kg

Barrel length: 8.25 m

Elevation: -4º to +45º

Muzzle velocity: 865 m/s

Maximum range: 24.7 km


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