21-cm K 12 Railway Gun

The 21 cm Kanone 12 was a 211mm railway gun in service with the German Army from 1939 to 1945. Krupp manufactured only two pieces, which were emplaced in Northern France, on the Pas de Calais (Strait of Dover). The two K 12 guns were used against British targets located in southern England, especially in Kent; that is why it was also called the Cross-Channel Gun. The huge, steel cradle, where the big gun was mounted, was set on four railway bogies. Its 33-m-long barrel fired 107-kg shells to a maximum range of 115 km. Thus, it had the longest range of all the heavy artillery pieces ever manufactured by Germany, including the Paris Gun, from which it was developed. To improve the sealing withing the barrel and maximize the effect of the propellant charge, Krupp employed a composite a copper-graphite composite band on the tube inner walls.


Type: heavy railway gun

Caliber: 211 mm

Weight: 309 tons

Barrel length: 33.3 m

Shell weight: 107 kg

Maximum range: 115 km (72 miles)


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