35.5-cm Haubitze MI

The 35.5 cm Haubitze MI was a German 356mm heavy howitzer in service with the Wehrmacht from 1940 onwards, during World War II. It was employed as a siege gun to destroy enemy, concrete fortifications. Recorded use of it was during the Battle of Sevastopol, from October 1941 to July 1942. Three 35.5 cm H MI howitzers were produced by Rheinmetall, at the Dusseldorf factory. This heavy aritllery piece consisted of a long barrel mounted on a double recoil carriage set on a craddle, on a fixed platform. It was transported to the battlefield in six loads towed by 18-ton, half-track tractors. A special gantry was used to assemble the piece on site. The howitzer fired two types of ammunition: a 575-kg High Exposive and a 926-kg anti-concrete shells.


Type: siege howitzer

Weight: 78 tons

Barrel length: 10.26 m (33 ft 8 in)

Caliber: 356.6 mm

Muzzle velocity: 570 m/s

Maximum range: 20.8 km (about 12 miles)

Elevetion: +45º to +75º

Traverse: 360º on platform, and 6º on carriage

Shell weight: 926 kg


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