4.2-cm lePak 41

The 4.2 cm lePak 41 (leichter Panzerabwehrkanone 41) was a light, taper-bore, anti-tank gun in service with the Wehrmacht between 1941 and 1945. It was a light infantry cannon, fitted with a 2.25-m-long barrel, whose bore narrowed toward the end; this feature increased the projectile velocity as it came out of the gun muzzle. It was a leight and versatile, anti-tank weapon used by the German Infantry on all Fronts of the war.


Not only did the tapered bore provide the 4.2 cm Pak 41 with a longer range, but also with much more punching power, enabling the 0.336-kg, armor-piercing shell it shot to pierce a 65-mm-thick steel plate at 1,000 m away. Thus, this anti-tank gun caliber tapered from 42mm at the chamber to 29mm at the muzzle. Used by the German infantry on all fronts, it was mounted on a two-weeled carriage, fitted with split trail, and was towed by trucks and light military vehicles. Rheinmetall manufactured only 450 4.2 cm Pak 41 taper-bore guns. So, not all units got it.


Barrel length: 2.25 m

Weight: 560 kg

Elevation: -8º to +25º

Muzzle velocity: 1265 m/s (4,150 ft/s)

Effective range: 1,000 m

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