AGM-123 Skipper II

The AGM-123 Skipper II was an anti-ship laser-guided missile which was developed by Emersion Electric for the US Navy. Launched from an F/A-18 Hornet or an A-6 Intruder, the AGM-123 was armed with a Mark 83 bomb and was equipped with a laser guidance system. It was powered by an Aerojet MK 78 dual-thrust solid-fueled rocket and had an operation range of 17 miles (25 km). It entered service in 1985.

Compared to a free-fall bomb, the Skipper II had an increased range which gave the launching aircraft a degree of protection from surface-to-air-missiles and anti-aircraft artillery in the vicinity of the target. The AGM-123 was designed as an anti-ship weapon, capable of disabling the largest vessels due to the powerful 1000 lb (450 kg) impact fuzed warhead of the Mk 83 bomb. The AGM-123 was developed by Emerson Electric at the China Lake Naval Weapons Center.

Specifications for the AGM-123

Type: rocket-powered, low-level, laser-guided bomb
Engine: Aerojet MK 78 dual-thrust solid-fueled engine
Range: 17 miles (25 km)
Speed: 680 miles per hour (1,100 km/h)
Warhead: 1000 lb (450 kg) MK 83 bomb
Length: 14 ft 1.2 inches (4.3m)
Diameter: 1 ft 7.6 inches (0.5m)

AGM-123 Skipper II

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