AGM Armiger

The AGM Armiger is an air-to-surface, anti-radation missile, which is still a fledgling defence project under development. It was designed by the German company Diehl BGT Defence to replace AGM-88 HARM missiles in the German Air Force and other European air forces. If the AGM Armiger program is not cancelled, the missile will be fitted with an infra-red seeker and accurate Inertial Measurement Unit (INS) for navigational purposes. The Armiger will be a long range missile that will travel at the supersonic speed of Mach 3. Its primary targets will be enemy radar stations and air defense systems.

Specifications for the AGM Armiger

Type: anti-radation missile
Targets: hostile radar installations.
Contractor: DIEHL BGT Defence
Engine: solid fuel rocket
Range: 200 km
Speed: Mach 3
Guidance system: radar homing, Dual-Mode with INS/GPS, IR seeker
Warhead: 20 kg
Length: 4m
Launch Weight: 220 kg
Diameter: 200 mm

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