Astute Class Submarine

An Astute class submarine is one of a series of British attack submarines, powered by nuclear energy and capable of unlimited range. Developed and produced by BAE Systems, the first of the class, HMS Astute S119, was launched in 2007 and commissioned in the Royal Navy on August 27, 2010. while HMS Ambush S120 entered service in 2013. Five more Astute class submarines are scheduled to be launched and commissioned in the next few years, replacing the Trafalgar Class. Each one of them is powered by a Rolls-Royce PWR-2 nuclear reactor, with two generators, plus one MTU Friedrichshafen auxilliary generator,  that puts out 600 kilowatt. To detect enemy ships and submarines, they are fitted with 1 Thales 2076 sonar and 2 Thales optronic masts.


The Astute class submarine is armed with 25 updated Tomahawk cruise missiles, which have a range of 1,200 km, and 18 Spearfish wire-guided torpedoes.


Type: stealth, nuclear-powered, attack submarine

Length: 323 ft (97 m)

Beam: 37 ft (11.3 m)

Displacement: 7,400 tons

Speed: 30 knots

Range: unlimited





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