Attack Submarine

An attack submarine is a submersible vessel which is armed and equipped to attack enemy warships and strike targets inland, located either on an island or on a continent. Propelled by nuclear or conventional power, a modern attack submarine of the US or British navy is armed to destroy land targets located 1,500 km away from the coast as it is fitted out with anti-bunker cruise missiles. It features stealth technology and advanced sonar, radar and other electronic equipment, which render it able to comunicate globally with other vessels or a command base on the continent. It has also the capability to surreptitiouly put an entire special forces team on an enemy coast.

List of attack submarine classes in service

Astute-class (United Kingdom)

– Los Angeles-class (USA)

Seawolf-class (USA)

Virginia-class (USA)

–  Rubis-class (France). Nuclear-powered submarines armed with 14 torpedoes and 14 Exocet missiles

Type 212 (Germany)

– Sierra-class (Russia)

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