Battle of Ancona

The Battle of Ancona was a WWII military engagement that took place from June 16 to July 18, 1944, in central Italy, during the Italian campaign, after the liberation of Rome by the Allies on June 4. It was fought between Polish forces and four German Army’s infantry divisions.

With the need of a seaport on which to land their logistic supplies, the British Eigth Army‘s commander Sir Oliver Leese assigned the Polish II Corps the task of taking the city of Ancona, which lies on the Adriatic Sea. Having crossed the Chienti River, the Polish forces engaged German Army’s regular infantry troops in heavy fighting for about ten days. During the first week of July, the Polish began to close in on Ancona. On July 16 and backed up by British units, they launched a three-pronged attack on the city, which fell in Allied hands two days later.


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