Battle of Cape Engaño

The Battle of Cape Engaño was a military naval engagement of the major Battle of Leyte Gulf. It was fought off Luzon Island, in the Philippine Sea, on October 25-26, 1944, during World War II. The US Navy’s 3rd Fleet, commanded by Adm William Halsey, thoroughly defeated the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Northern Force, which was acting as a bait to lure the American fleet carriers away from Samar Island and Leyte Gulf. So, as a result, Taffy 3 was left to their own devices, but successfully fought against the Japanese Central Force off Samar. During the Battle of Cape Engaño all four Japanese carriers, 2 battleships, and 2 cruisers were sunk by the US dive bombers.

Opposing Naval Forces

American Warships: the 3rd Fleet (Task Force 38) consisted of 5 large fleet aircraft carriers (USS Enterprise CV-6, Franklin CV-13, Intrepid CV-11, Essex CV-9, and Lexington CV-16); 5 light carriers; 6 battleships (USS Iowa BB-61, Massachusetts BB-59, Alabama BB-60, New Jersey BB-62, South Dakota BB-57, and Washington BB-56); 8 cruisers; 40 destroyers.

Japanese Warships: 4 aircraft carriers (Zuikaku, Chitose, Zuiho, and Chiyoda); 2 battleships; 6 cruisers; 10 destroyers.


Adm William Halsey

Vice Adm Jisaburo Ozawa

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