Battle of Madrid

The Battle of Madrid was a military engagement of the Spanish Civil War, fought between the Nationalist forces, commanded by General Emilio Mola, and the socialist Republican troops, led by Jose Miaja, from November 8 to December 9, 1936. After four months of the beginning of this armed conflict, it was the Nationalist Army’s first attempt to capture the capital city of the country. The Nationalist supreme commander, General Francisco Franco, had risen up in arms against the soviet-backed Second Spanish Republic on July 18, 1936.

The Nationalist Army was composed of approximately 25,000 troops, while the defenders, reinforced by the International Brigades, totaled 41,000 men. Although the Nationalists failed to take the city, they managed to capture the university city quarter and Casa de Campo sector after intense vicious fighting, marking the beginning of the siege of Madrid and forcing the socialist Republican president Manuel Azaña to move to Barcelona, Catalonia. Madrid would fall at the end of the conflict, in March 1939, after another Nationalist attack.

Battle of Madrid (Video)

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