Battle of Majuro

The Battle of Majuro was a military engagement of WW2 Marshall Islands Allied Campaign. It was fought between Japanese troops and US forces, on January 30-31, 1944, on the small island of Majuro, in the Marshalls. It took place almost simultaneously with the Battle of Kwajalein, which started on January 31. Lying 220 miles southeast of this island, Majuro would serve as an advanced air and naval base and it had to be captured first to protect and ensure the supply lines to the US forces that would invade the other islands.

Although it was lightly defended, the Japanese troops on Majuro consisted of three companies of the Special Naval Landing Forces of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The invasion of this island began on the morning of January 30, 1944. The first US unit to land on the beach was a Marine reconnaissance company of the 4th Marine Division, V Amphibious Corps. They were followed by the 2nd Battalion from 106th Regiment of the US Army’s 7th Infantry Division. With the fire support from naval guns on US warships, it took the US troops more than 24 hours to capture Majuro as the fighting was vicious and intense.

US commanders: Major General Harry Schmidt (4th Marine Division); Major General Charles H Corlett (US Army’s 7th Infantry)

Japanese commander: General Monzo Akiyama, who got killed in action.


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