Battle of Pleskau

The Battle of Pleskau was the Wehrmacht attack on the Russian city of Pleskau, also known as Pskov, during Operation Barbarossa, World War II. The battle began on July 7, 1941, with the city and its surrounding area falling in German hands on July 31, 1941. Pleskau is located in northwest Russia, south-southwest of Leningrad (Saint Petersburg), on the Velikaya River. It had been the former capital of Pskov Republic, until it was annexed by Russia in 1510, losing its democratic institutions.

The attack on Plescau was carried out by the German 4th Panzer Army and elements of the 16th Army, Army Group North, under the command of Field Marshal Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb. The city was captured and secured after fierce fight between the German forces and the Red Army on July 31. The Russian defense consisted mainly of reinforced concrete artillery emplacement.

Ferocious fighting during Battle of Pskov – Angriff auf Pleskau (footage)

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