Battle of Samar

The Battle of Samar was one of the four naval confrontations of the Battle of Leyte Gulf. It took place in the Philippine Sea, off the coast of Samar island, which is a large island of the Philippines, on October 25, 1944, in the Pacific theater of World War II.

Admiral William Halsey, Jr., had been lured into taking the 3rd Fleet after a Japanese decoy fleet. Thus only three escort carrier groups of the 7th Fleet remained in the area off Samar Island and Leyte Gulf. Another powerful Japanese surface force of battleships and cruisers that were thought to have been retreated instead turned around unobserved and sailed into the northernmost of group of the 7th Fleet, Task Unit 77.4.3, known as Taffy 3, whose destroyers and destroyer escorts ferociously counter attacked with 127 mm guns and torpedoes the Japanese vessels, while carrier aircraft dropped bombs and depth charges. Although US warships leading the counter-attack suffered heavy personnel losses in the Battle of Samar, they sank three Japanese cruisers, causing confusion and convincing the Japanese commander, Vice Admiral Takeo Kurita, to regroup and withdraw, rather than advancing to sink troop and supply ships at Leyte Gulf.

Battle of Samar Map


Documentary Video of the Battle of Samar

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