Battle of Vevi (Summary)

The Battle of Vevi was a WWII battle that took place during the German invasion of Greece. It was fought between 1st SS Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler and Allied forces, on April 10-11, 1941, between the towns of Klidi and Vevi, in northern Greece, near the border with Macedonia.

Having began Operation Marita on April 6, 1941, spearhead elements of the 1st SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler attacked the Allied positions on the Klidi Pass on the night of April 10. The defending forces were composed of the Australian 19th Infantry Brigade, the British 9th Battalion, and the Greek Dodecanese Regiment.  After fierce fighting that lasted more than 24 hours, the German units routed the Allied forces from the pass, capturing Vevi on April 11. The last pockets of resistance were cleared on April 12.

Map of Vevi


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