Battle of Vincy

The Battle of Vincy was a military engagement between Charles Martel and the Frankish king, Chilperic II, in 717, near the town of Vincy (today’s Les-Rues-des-Vignes), Cambrai, northern France, in the early Middle Ages. It was part of a civil war or struggle for power and hegemony within the Frankish Kingdom, at the end of the Merovingian dynasty of Frankish kings.

Upon the death of his father, Mayor of the Palace Pepin of Herstal, Charles had to fight to be recognized and accepted as the new Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia, one of the two main Frankish Kingdom‘s territories; the other was Neustria, which was ruled by King Chilperic II and his Mayor of the Palace Ragenfrid.

Having been proclaimed Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia by the noblemen, Charles Martel organized a strong army and began waging war against Chilperic II and Ragenfrid. He had routed them at the Battle of Ambleve in 716, at Amel, to attack the king’s army again by surprise at Vincy, thoroughly defeating him and his Mayor of the Palace. After his victory over the Neustrian king, Chilperic II, Charles Martel crowned Clotaire IV as King of Austrasia. This showed how weak and decadent the Frankish kings had become in the shadow of the Mayor of the Palace ascendancy.

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