Battle of Yorktown (Summary)

The Battle of Yorktown was a military engagement fought between the American Continental Army, commanded by George Washington, and the British Red Coats, under Charles Cornwallis, from September 29 to October 19, 1781, in Yorktown, Virgina, during the American Revolutionary War. Reinforced by 8,000 French troops, under Comte de Rochambeau, the Continental Army defeated the British forces after a three-week military campaign as they besieged the Red Coats at Yorktown, near the Chesapeake Bay. The Americans and French captured the British redoubts one by one as they fought tenaciously. Being blocked by sea by the French fleet, under Comte François Joseph Paul de Grasse, who had beaten the British fleet at the Battle of Chesapeake, the British commander could not escape and surrendered to the Franco-American forces on October 19, 1781.

Contending Forces

Franco-American Army: 8,000 regulars, 3,000 militia, 8,000 Continental Army regulars.
British Army: 9,500 Red Coats (including Hessian soldiers).

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