Battleship Kirishima

IJN Kirishima was a battleship used by the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II, taking part in some of the most ferocious naval battles of the Pacific Theater. On December 7, 1941, she participated in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as part of the 3rd Battle Division. In early June 1942, she would sustain slight damage during the Battle of Midway. In August and October 1942, she escorted Japanese carriers in the naval battles of Eastern Solomons and Santa Cruz Islands respectively, during the Allied invasion of Guadalcanal. On November 13, during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, Kirishima, accompanied by her sister Hiei, attacked and sank three US Navy’s warships; USS Atlanta (cruiser) and USS Barton and Laffey (destroyers). However, two days later, Kirishima would be destroyed and sunk by the American battleship USS Washington off the coast of Guadalcanal as she was about to pound the American positions near the Henderson airfield with her 356mm naval guns, during a failed Japanese attempt to recover the island.


Although she had been launched in 1913 as a Congo-class battlecruiser, she was upgraded into a battleship in 1927, with additional armor and new steam engines. In 1934, Kirishima would be modernized for a second time, with a new superstructure and a new power plant, thus, becoming the fastest battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy, conceived for escorting aircraft carriers and providing fire support to landing Japanese troops. She was powered by 4 geared steam turbines, with 4 screws, supplied by 18 water-tube boilers.


Kirishima was equipped with eight 356mm naval guns, mounted in 4 turrets; fourteen 152mm guns; eight 127mm AA guns; and twenty 25mm AA guns.


Type: fast battleship

Length: 222 m

Beam: 31 m

Draft: 9,7 m

Displacement: 32,000 tons

Maximum speed: 30 knots

Range: 10,000 nautical miles

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