Blitzkrieg Weapons

To carry out WWII Blitzkrieg, the Wehrmacht used four types of weapons; the aircraft, the tank, the self-propelled gun, and the truck-towed anti-tank gun, providing the German Army’s spearhead units a combination of dynamic mobility, fire support, and accuracy to punch holes in the enemy lines through which to pour into enemy territory and encircle their foe in pincers movements. They were successfully used during the first years of the war, from 1939 to 1943, helping the Germans to obtain victory in the Polish Campaign and the Battle of France, and make territorial gains in Russia.


Junkers Ju 87 “Stuka”. – A single-engined dive bomber widely used throughout the war by the Luftwaffe. Being one of the key elements of the Blitzkrieg, it was a kind of flying artillery that provided quick fire support to front line units, attacking enemy armored units, field guns as it disrupted their supply lines.

Messerschmitt Me-110. – Armed with two 20mm guns and four forward firing machine guns, it was a two-engined, heavy fighter, which was also used as a ground-attack aircraft.

Messerschmitt Bf 109. – A fast and maneuverable fighter that played an important role in gaining the air supremacy that allowed the German dive bombers and ground-attack aircraft to operate freely in the skies over Europe in the first years of the war.


The Panzer II, III, and IV were important weapons of the Blitzkrieg as they were massively used in independent armored divisions to tear out gaps in the enemy lines, fighting in coordination with ground attack aircraft. The guns they mounted were used in the direct fire role to destroy enemy armored vehicles and bunkers.

Self-propelled Guns

The sIG-33 auf Geschützwagen, Sturmgeschütz III, and Geschützwagen III/IV were 150mm artillery pieces mounted on tank chassis, which gave them mobility fast enough to catch up with the armored divisions and mechanized infantry.

Truck-towed Anti-tank Guns

7.5-cm Pak 40. – Used by mechanized infantry units, it was a 75mm gun capable of putting out of action any kind of Allied tanks, including the Soviet T-34

8.8-cm Flak 36/37. – originally designed as AA gun, this 88mm artillery piece turned out to be the most powerful and most accurate anti-tank gun of the war, capable of destroying a T-34 from a distance of 2,000 m +.

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