The BMR-625 VEC is a six-wheeled armored vehicle developed by the Spanish state-owned firm ENASA-Pegaso, entering service with the Spanish Army, in 1980, as an armored reconnaissance vehicle, with amphibious capability. It is armed with a 25mm M242 Bushmaster autocannon, mounted on a rotating turret, and a 7.62mm MG3S machine gun. The BMR-625 is powered by a Scania DS9 6-V diesel engine, has a maximum speed of 100 km per hour, and a range of 550 km. This Spanish vehicle has a crew of 5. It has seen combat action in Irak in 2003.

Technical Data

Length: 6.1 m
Width: 2.5 m
Height: 2.5 m
Weight: 14 tons
Armor: steel

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