Bofors FH 77

The FH 77 (Feld Haubits 77) is a 155mm-caliber field howitzer which was designed and produced by Bofors for the Swedish Army. It entered service in 1978 and was withdrawn in 2006, but it is still in service with the Indian Army. The FH 77 barrel was 5.89m (19ft 4in) long and has a maximum range of 22 km. Although it is not a self-propelled howitzer, the Bofors FH 77 has an auxiliary power unit (Volvo B20 gasoline engine), which is used for short distance tactical movement, otherwise the gun is towed by trucks. The FH77 is operated by a crew of 10 men and has a rate of fire of 4 rounds per minute. This Swedish howitzer fires 42kg high-explosive shells combined with plastic casings, containing 6 increments. Bofors built a total of 720 units in two models: the FH 77A, which is fitted with a sliding block breech; and the FH 77B, which is the export variants equipped with an interrupted screw breech.


Type: field howitzer
Country of origin: Sweden
Manufacturer: Bofors
Caliber: 155mm
Barrel length: 5.89m (19ft 4in)
Weight: 11.5 metric tons
Maximum range: 22km
Rate of fire: 4 rpm
Muzzle velocity: 770 m/s

Swedish FH 77 Howitzer in Action (Video)

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