Brixia 45mm mortar

The Brixia Model 35 was a 45mm mortar extensively employed by Italian troops in North Africa and the Balkans during World War II. With a weight of only 15.5 kg, it was easy to carry around. It had a 26-cm-long barrel, which was mounted in a folding frame structure, sparing the need for a baseplate. This metal frame included a padded plataform for the operator to sit on while firing the weapon. But what made the Brixia Model 35 different from the rest of WW2 mortars was the fact that it was loaded by the breech, with the mortar rounds being fired using a trigger. All in all, this strange Italian mortar was a nifty yet lethal infantry weapon which had a rate of fire of fourteen rounds per minute. Thus, it was a practical infantry support weapon used at platoon level. It was also so effective and accurate that the German infantrymen from the Afrika Korps also used it, which was called in the German instruction manual the 4.5-cm Granatwerfer 176.


Weight: 15.5 kg

Caliber: 45mm (1.77″)

Elevation: +10º to +90º

Maximum range: 600 m


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