Bullpup Rifles

In firearm technology, a Bullpup is a compact rifle or submachine design in which the bolt carrier assembly, receiver, and magazine are located behind the trigger block, in the buttstock. The purpose of this configuration is to make the weapon shorter and ergonomic, using the same barrel length of conventional rifles. Thus, this modern configuration has the same effective range of a conventional one, but it is better suited for house-to-house fighting, as in urban warfare, due to its compactness and shortness. Most of them are made of polymer, except for the barrel, bolt, and receiver, which are steel or/and aluminum alloy. Except for the French FAMAS, most of the Bullpup assault rifles are gas-operated and chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. Some have ambidextrous ejection ports, others ejects the empty cartridge casings forward. Although they look futuristic and toy-like, they are lethal weapons, some of which have been successfully tested in real combat action.

List of military Bullpup in service assault rifles

1- Steyr AUG. Austria

2- IMI Tavor. Israel

3- FN F2000. Belgium

4- SAR-21. Singpapore

5- A-91. Russia

6- L85 A1/A2 (SA80). United Kingdom

7- VHS. Croatia

8- FAMAS. France

9- Vektor CR-21. South Africa

10- QBZ-95. China

Bullpup assault rifle in action

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