Canadian Units at the Somme

The Canadian units that took part in World War I fought in one of the longest and bloodiest battle of the Great War; the Battle of the Somme. Being part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, the Canadian Corps participated in the most vicious military encounters of this battle. The men of this unit, along with the Australians, were the spearhead of the Allied army at the Somme, distinguishing themselves for their gallantry, dauntlessness, and steel determination to take their objectives, as they fought in hand-to-hand fighting with bayonet-fixed rifles in the trenches of Mouquet Farm and Flers-Courcelette.

Under the command of General Sir Edwin Alderson, the Canadian Corps consisted of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Canadian Divisions, totaling 60,000 men. The first three divisions (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) took part in the battle of the Somme, each one of them being composed of three infantry brigades. Fighting alongside the Australians and Newzealanders (ANZACS), they managed to take key positions at Mouquet Farm, Flers-Courcelette, and Thiepval Ridge, pushing the Germans back to the Hindenburg Line at the end of the battle.

Weapons used

Lee-Enfield .303-caliber rifle

Hotchkiss machine gun

75mm and 105mm artillery pieces


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