Canon de 105 Mle 1913 Schneider

The Canon de 105 Modele 1913 Schneider was a French 105mm field gun used during the Great War and World War II. Based on a Russian design, it was manufactured from 1913 by Schneider. Also known as the L 13 S, the 105 Mle 1913 was a handsome and accurate gun with a good performance. It had a long barrel and a conventional box trail that provided enough elevation for the 15.74-kg (34.7-lb) shell to reach a range of 12 km (13,130 yards). After World War I, the 105mm gun Mle 1913 became a French export as it was either sold or handed on to numerous armies under French influence. These nations included Belgium, Poland and Yugoslavia but it was in Italy that the L 13 S achieved its main market penetration.

When the Germans invaded France in 1940, they found that the canon de 105 mle 1913 was a viable weapon and out of the 854 still in French service in May 1940 they captured many that were still intact. Large numbers were handed over to various occupation units but it was not until 1941 that a real use was found for the bulk of the booty. When the Atlantic Wall was ready to be armed the L 13 S was decided upon as one of the primary weapons to be used. There were enough on hand to become a standard weapon, and there were stockpiles of ammunition ready for use. Thus, the French 105mm gun became the German 10.5-cm K 331(f) and was ready to play its most important part in World War II. Ex-Belgian guns were designated 10.5-cm K 333(b). The Germans took the guns off their carriages and mounted them on special turntables protected by curved or angled armor shields, These were placed in bunkers all along the French and other coasts, and many of the bunkers can still be seen among the Atlantic sand dunes to this day.


Type: field gun
Country of origin: France
Manufacturer: Schneider
Caliber: 105mm (4.134 in)
Shell: 15.74 kg (34,7 lb)
Barrel length: 2.987 m (9 ft 10 in)
Breech: interrupted screw
Weight in action: 2300 kg (5,070 lb)
Muzzle velocity: 550 m (1,805 ft) per second
Range: 12000 m (12 km) (13,130 yards)

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