Casspir APC

The Casspir is an armored personnel carrier in service with the South African Army and police since 1979. Protected against mine blasts, it has been used in combat in the Angolan Bush War and other armed conflicts in Africa as it was also acquired by Egypt, Namibia, Burundi, and Uganda, as well as by other countries outside this continent such as India and Peru. Originally developed for the South African police force, the Casspir has also been employed in the patrol and reconnaissance roles.

The Casspir is heavier, stronger, and better protected than the Buffel, which it replaced. It is a 4×4, wheeled infantry vehicle, featuring a V-shaped armored hull and chassis, which is raised high above the ground to protect the crew and infantry troops it carries against landmine explosions (up to 17 kg of TNT). The Casspir Mk 3 variant is powered by a 170-hp, Atlantis turbo-diesel engine, which is a Mercedes-Benz OM352 made in South Africa under license.


To provide fire support, the Casspir mounts a twin MG-4 7.62mm machine gun and/or a 14.5mm HMG gun.


Length: 6.9 m

Width: 2.45 m

Height: 2.85 m

Weight: 11 tons

Maximum speed: 95 km/h

Range: 770 km

Builder: TFM – Land System OMC



Casspir APC in action (video)

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