Challenger 2 in Iraq

The Challenger 2, a British main battle tank, received its baptism of fire in Iraq, in March 2003, in Operation Iraqi Freedom, which was a US-led coalition’s military campaign to oust Saddam Hussein from power in that Middle East country. As part of the British Army’s 7th Armoured Division main armament, it took part in the British capture of the Iraqi city of Basra (Operation Telic), located in the south of the country. Its performance was excellence as no Challenger 2 tank was destroyed in that armed conflict, with its armor showing capabiltiy of resisting fierce attacks with anti-tank grenades and missiles without being knocked out. There was only one case, in which one Challenger 2 tank sustained slight damage done by an improvised explosive divice lying by the road side that went off as the tank drove by. Only the driver got wounded.

British Challenger 2 and American tanks engage the enemy in Iraq

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