Chiyoda Aircraft Carrier

Developed from a midget submarine carrier, Chiyoda was a light aircraft carrier used by the Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II. On October 25, 1944, less than a year after being recommissioned in her new role, she was attacked and seriouly damaged by USS dive bombers, which had been scrambled from USS Lexington (CV-16) and Franklin (CV-13) aircraft carriers, in the Battle of Cape Engaño, during the major Battle of Leyte Gulf. Limping, with a 25º list, Chiyoda was sent to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean later that day, when American cruisers got it over with, tearing several holes in her hull with torpedoes.

Chiyoda carried 30 aircraft (dive bombers and fighters: Aichi D3A, Nakajima B5N, and A6M Zero). She was armed with eight 127mm (5″) guns and forty-eight 25mm AA guns. Her power plant consisted of 2 Kampon geared steam turbines, supplied by 4 boilers, generating 57,000 hp.


Length: 192 m (209 yd)

Beam: 20.8 m (22 yd)

Draft: 7.5 m

Displacement: 15,000 tons

Speed: 29 knot

Range: 7,500 nautical miles

Crew: 830 sailors and officers


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