Chuyo Aircraft Carrier

Chuyo was a World War II Japanese escort carrier, developed from the passanger liner Nitta Maru, to which a 150m-long flight deck was attached in 1942. Being used as a flight training carrier and aircraft transport, she did not participate in direct naval engagements against Allied warships. However, on December 4, 1943, while on route from the atoll of Truk to Yokosuka, Japan, Chuyo was attacked and sank by USS Sailfish submarine, off the coast of Hachijojima island as 1,240 Japanese sailors got killed.

Chuyo belonged to the Taiyo-class, which consisted of three escort carriers developed from luxury passanger liners. Her power plant was made up of 2 Kampon geared steam engines, with 2 shafts, and supplied by 4 Kampon boilers. Being half the size of a fleet carrier, Chuyo carried only 27 aircraft (fighters and dive bombers).


Length: 173 m (189 yd)

Beam: 22.5 m (24 yd)

Draft: 7.7 m

Displacement: 18,000 tons

Speed: 21 knots

Range: 6,500 nautical miles (12,000 km)

Crew: 860 men


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