Contradictions of WWII

The World War II contradictions are found at the onset and at the end of this armed conflict. These incongruities betray deep and latent Allies’ bigotry against Germany and fear of this nation. Down below are some of the incoherence with regard to the Allies deplomatic behavior and attitude towards both communist Russia and their common enemy, which was Germany.

1) If the rationale or reason for the English and French declaration of war on Germany was the Wehrmacht invasion of Polish territory; then, why did these two western countries did not declare war on the Soviet Union when the Red Army also invaded Poland from the East during the same month and year (September 1939), less than a month after the signature of a non-aggression pact between Nazi Germany and Russia?

2) If the League of Nations main purpose and determination was the defense of the territorial integrity of the weak nations against the arbitrary aggression of stronger; then, why did they not denounce the Soviet Union’s military attack on Finland, in late 1939, and the annexation of a huge chunk of its territory? Why did the Western countries not impose economic sanctions on Russia for this act of aggression in the same way the United States of America had imposed economic and oil embargo on Japan for having invaded China?

3) If the Allies main determination and resolution was the defense of the political and cultural independence of small countries against the military hostilities of the bigger; then, why did they not declare war on Russia when Joseph Stalin invaded and annexed the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia in 1940?

4) The Allies accused Nazi Germany of being barbaric for their criminal treatment of the Jewish population (which was true); then, why did the targets of the Allied bombing campaigns over Germany included areas where there were not military bases and factories, killing more than 300,000 German civilians (they were also human beings) in the carpet bombings of Dresden and Hamburg?

5) If one of the biggest Allies concerns was the deplorable states of the Genocide Jewish survivors; then, why did the Western nations governments not undertake the task of creating a Jewish State for the Jewish people in the territory of the former Otoman Empire, in the same way they had created a Polish State in the territory of the former German Empire? When this armed conflict was over, the surviving European Jewish were abandonded to their own devices without humanitarian aid from Allied governments. It was only two years after the end of World War II that the United Nations General Assembly approved Resolution 181, which authorized the creation of both a Jewish and an Arab State in the Middle East region.

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