Dogfights over the Pacific

There were many dogfights in the skies of the Pacific Theater of operations in WWII, but the best example are those fought mainly between F6F Hellcats and Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter aircraft during the Battle of the Philippine Sea, also known as the Great Mariana Turkey Shoot, on June 19-20, 1944. During the battles of Leyte Gulf and Okinawa, there were also fierce dogfights between US F6F Hellcat and F4F Corsair and Japanese fighters. Although the A6M Zero had more slow speed maneuverability and higher rate of climb than the American counterparts,  the US Navy’s Hellcat and F4U fighters were faster, had a higher fast speed ceiling, and were better armed than the Japanese aircraft.

Dogfights in the Pacific Theater (Video)

Dogfights between japanese and American fighters (video)

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