Electromagnetic Propulsion Rail Gun

The rail gun is a new US Navy weapon. As of 2016, it is on the last trial stage at sea, as it has alreay been exhibited at the US Navy expo in Washington DC. Developed by Bae System, this powerful gun uses cutting-edge, revolutionary techonology to propel its lethal projectile. Instead of traditional gun powder, the rail gun uses an electromagnetic propulsion system to shoot the tungsten-hardened projectile at ten times the speed of sound, over distances well over 170 miles. With this new propelling system, there is no need to carry dangerous explosive aboard a ship, for this high-tech gun uses only electricity as power source, representing a new offensive capability for the US Navy. The projectile is about 1,20 m in length, with a slender, pointed, conical shape and a round, flat base, being able to destroy any type of seagoing vessel.


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