Emergence of ISIS

The emergence of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, commonly referred to as ISIS, began by mid 2011. It was caused by the power vacuum that was created in the Middle East when the President of the United States, Barrack Houssein Obama, withdrew the American troops from Iraq. The first withdrawal of US troops took place in August 2010, with the last units being pulled out of Iraq in December 2011. This left behind a militarily and politacally weakened Iraqi government. Disatisfied Iraqi Army’s former officers and troops organized themselves in guerrilla groups, which were strengthed by Sunni militant insurgents from Iraq and Syria, and began attacking and taking control of Iraqi cities and towns in the name of Islam, declaring the territory under their control as the Islamic State.

This vacuum power in the Middle East was increased and exacerbated when Muammar Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak were ousted from power by guerrillas armies and mass public demonstrations, armed and supported by the US and European governments, in Libya and Egypt respectively. During the Obama Administration the CIA armed several insurgent groups in the region, not only in Libya but also in Syria, since the US government also envision to overthrow Bashar al-Assad in an effort to try to replace the dynastic dictatorship with a “democratic” government. But, as in the past, the American government politicians showed to be very naive, for little did they know that the people they armed were religiously extremists.

Where does this blind extremism arise from in this complicated region? It comes from the deep fabric of their culture; and since their culture revolves around religion, I would dare to say that this violent extremism derives from Islam’s fundamentals, one of which is “to kill the infidel” (Agnostic, Christian, Jew, Budhist). And what is culture? It is the patterns of feeling, thinking, and behavior, which are passed down from generation to generation through enculturation, leaving indelible traces in the environment. I would also dare to say that the average American politician and European socialist are ignorant or just mentally slow human beings. Or may be they just stopped representing the people that voted for them and started to represent obscure interests.

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