F-105 Thunderchief Bombing Raids in Vietnam

Although the first bombing raids carried out by the Republic F-105 Thunderchief in Vietnam took place in August 1964, against anti-aircraft artillery sites on the Laos border, the most important bombing missions conducted by this US Air Force fighter-bomber was during Operation Rolling Thunder. It was a bombing campaign set in motion by Rober McNamara, the US Secretary of Defense. It began in March 1965 and ended in early November 1968. Tens of F-105 aircraft were used to attack enemy targets located in northern South Vietnam and southern North Vietnam, as well as on the border with Cambodia and Laos. The main targets to be destroyed was Northvietnamese transportation infrastructure, composed of roads, bridges, railyards, and docks.  In Vietnam, this fighter-bomber served with the US Air Force’s Second Air Division.

Below: two F-105 Thunderchiefs


F-105s in action in Vietnam (video)

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