F-4 Phantom Bombing Raids in Vietnam

Introduced in late 1960, the F-4 Phantom II was perhaps the most widely used fighter aircraft in Vietnam, carrying out bombing raids in South and North Vietnam throughout the war. The first Phantoms that made sorties in Southeast Asia operated from the flying deck of USS Constallation as bomber escorts, on August 5, 1964, right after the Gulf of Tonkin Incident (on Augus 2). It was part of Operation Pierce Arrow, which was a series of attack on North Vietnamese targets. However, The F-4 would primarily be used in the ground-attack role, taking part of Operation Rolling Thunder and Linebacker, during the Johnson and Nixon Administrations, respectively. Also in service with the US Marine Corps, it provided fire support to US Marine units on the ground.

F-4 Phantom Bombing Raids in Vietnam (Video)

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