Firepower of Helicopter

The effectiveness and firepower of helicopter was first tested over the jungles of Vietnam in the 1960s. The UH1 Huey, a versatile utility helicopter, was the first helicopter employed to carry out ground-attack missions during search-and-destroy operations. Then, the US Army and US Marine Corps would introduce armoured helicopters specifically designed as attack helicopters, such as the AH-64 Apache and the AH-1 Cobra, respectively, as the former one would receive its baptism of fire in the 1989 American invasion of Panama. The Soviet Union and the European countries would also introduce attack helicopters as many utility ones were armed and converted into helicopter gunships; the Russian Mil Mi-24 and M-28 are examples of the lethal firepower and destructive capacity of the helicopter.

This military aircraft, with the capacity to hover statically in the sky over the ground, can deliver not only deadly machine gun and rocket fire against enemy ground troops, but also against enemy tanks, as the helicoper has also been armed with guided, anti-tank missiles that can wipe out any type of armoured vehicles. The power of the helicopter as an anti-tank weapon was first put to the test in the 1991 Gulf War, when the AH-64 Apache was pitted against the Russian-made T-55 tank, destroying hundreds of Iraqi tanks and other armoured vehicles. This military aircraft is so versatile that a utility helicopeter can be used both as a troops transport and attack helicopter at the same time, like the UH-60 Black Hawk.

Thunderstruck (AC/DC) with the lethal power of helicopter (video)

Astonishing helicopter gunship firepower (footage)

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