First Laser Weapon

The first laser weapon in history was deployed by the US Navy in the Persian Gulf, in November 2014, mounted on the deck of the USS Ponce (AFSB), which is an afloat forward staging base, a warship that provides support in anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare. The laser gun operates like a blow torch as it can wipe an enemy aircraft out of the sky with a scorching beam of amplified light. It was deployed to protect the US Navy’s warships from Iranian and ISIS combat aircraft and drones that maraud in the skies over the Persian Gulf waters. The cost of using this laser weapon system is very low, with one US dollar per shot. It is composed of the laser sources, power system, cooling units, computerized sensor and tracking radars, and the control hardware. It is integrated with the Mark XV Close-in Weapon System, which is fitted with a 20mm auto-cannon.


Laser gun video

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