FM Mle 1924-29

The Chatellerault FM Mle 1924/29 was a 7.5mm light machine gun that was in service with the French Army and the National Gendarmerie from 1925 until 2006. Being used in World War II, the French-Indochina War, Algeria, and Vietnam, it was a successful machine gun that was in service for the longest period of time than any other infantry weapon in the history of the French Army. It was gas-operated and featured two triggers, one for semi-automatic and the other for automatic fire. It was also fitted with a barrel flash hider, a bipod, and a wooden stock and hand grip. Its breech was fed from a detachable 25-round box magazine, which was fixed in from top. It had a rate of fire of 450 round per minute and an effective range of 900 m. To summarize, the FM Mle 24-29 was a sturdy and dependable light machine gun, with excellent protection against mud and dust, rendering it unjammable. “FM” stands for “Fusil Mitrailleur”.


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