Developed by Fabrique National of Herstal in Belgium, the FN SCAR is an assault rifle in service with the US Special Forces and Rangers since 2005. It is made in two versions: the SCAR-H (Heavy), which is chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition, and the SCAR-L (Light), that fires 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges, with the US official designation Mk 17 for the former, and Mk 16 for the latter. It has a piston-driven, gas-operated, autoloading system, with rotating bolt; the 5.56mm-caliber variant is fed from a 30-round STANAG magazine, while the receiver of 7.62mm model uses a 20-round box magazine. The SCAR is a completely ambidextrous rifle, with the charging handle and safety-fire selector switch located on both sides of weapon, but the ejection port is situated on the right hand side of weapon. It is also fitted with a collapsible/folding stock with adjustable cheek piece positions, Picatinny rails for optic scope, forward hand grip, and bipod accessories, and for mounting the FN40GL-H grenade launcher. Both versions are equipped with three barrel types, with the SCAR-H featuring a 33, 40, or a 50-cm-long barrel, for close quarters fighting and open space long-range battles. The SCAR is one of the most reliable and accurate assault rifles in the world as its moving parts function smoothly in all types of fighting environment.


Type: assault rifle

Country of origin: Belgium

Producer: Farbrique National de Herstal

Caliber: 5.56mm / 7.62mm

Weight: 3.29 kg (SCAR-L); 3.58 kg (SCAR-H)

Muzzel velocity: 870 m/s (5.56mm); 730 m/s (7.62mm)

Effective range: 600 m (with standard barrel length)




FN SCAR Firing

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