FV101 Scorpion Light Tank

The FV101 Scorpion was a light tank used by the British Army from 1973 to 1994. Manufactured by Alvis Vehicles Ltd, the FV101 was armed with a low velocity 76mm L23A1 rifled gun with 42 rounds and capable of firing high-explosive and high-explosive squash head rounds. The Scorpion was powered by a Jaguar J60 No1 Mk 100B 6-cylinder gasoline engine, developing 190 horsepower. The crew of the FV101 was not well protected as it was fitted with only 12.7mm-thick welded aluminum. A variant of this light reconnaissance tank is the Scorpion 90, which was a FV101 armed with the long-barrelled Cockerill Mk3 M-A1 90mm gun instead of the 76mm gun.

The FV101 Scorpion first saw action in 1982, during the Falklands War. It was the only armored vehicle used by the British Army during that armed conflict, from which they came out unscathed. Scorpion tanks were also fielded in Kuwait and Iraq during Opertion Desert Storm in 1991. The 1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards had 32 of them at their disposal.

Specifications for the FV101 Scorpion

Type: light reconnaissance tank
Weight: 9 tons
Width: 2.13 m (7ft)
Length: 5.29 m (17ft 4.2in)
Height: 2.10 m (6ft 10.8in)
Crew: 3 (commander, driver, gunner)
Engine: 190hp, Jaguar J60 No1 Mk 100B 6-cylinder gasoline engine
Maximum speed: 73 km/h (45mph)
Range: 750 km (470mi)
Weapons: one 76mm L23A1 rifled gun with 42 rounds; one coaxial 7.62mm FN MAG machine gun

FV101 Scorpion Tank in Action (Video)

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