Genocide Against Christians in the Middle East

In the last two decades, Islamic terrorists have been committing genocide against Christians and other religious minorities from Yemen to Syria, and from Libya to Pakistan. First, it was Al-qaeda, now it is ISIS terrorists who are mass murdering human beings. Their main rationale for the genocide: “Infidels have to die, because the Koran says so”. But the great paradox of all this is that Angela Merkel, François Hollande, and Barrack Obama are receiving, welcoming, and helping Islamic migrants instead of Christians, Yazidis, Druses, and Kurds, who would successfully adapt to the Western culture. I think more than a paradox, France and Germany’s foreign policy is suicidal and a monument to human stupidity.

Genocide against Christians by Muslims in Irak (video)

Yazidis fleeing the carnage

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