German 12th Army

The German 12th Army was a Wehrmacht’s major military unit that fought in World War II. It was a field army composed of four corps, each of which included two or three divisions. Created in August, 1939, it would soon participate in the Polish Campaign as part of Army Group South, under Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt. Between May and June, 1940, the 12th Army took part in the German invasion of France. In April 1941, it successfully carried out Operation Marita, which was the invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece; during this military campaign it was made up of four army corps, one panzer group, and one supplementary Panzerdivision.

The Wehrmacht’s 12th Army did not participate in Operation Barbarossa, which was the invasion of the Soviet Union, but it was deployed in Yugoslavia and Greece, conducting anti-insurgent operations against resistance guerrillas. In 1943, the German 12th Army would be reinforced and temporarily converted into Army Group E, which would be deployed in the southeast, to become the 12th Army again in early 1945, taking part in the Battle of Berlin.

12th Army’s Units in 1941

– XVII Mountain Corps, commanded by General Franz Böhme

– XXX Infantry Corps, led by General Otto Hartmann

– XL Panzer Corps, under Georg Stumme

– L Infantry Corps, commanded by Georg Lindemann

– 1st Panzer Group, under Ewald von Kleist

– 16th Panzerdivision

12th Army’s units in 1945

– XX Corps

– XXXIX Corps

– XLI Corps

– XLVIII Corps


– Wilhelm List (1939-1941)

– Walter Kuntze (1941-1942)

– Alexander Löhr (1942)

– Walther Wenck (1945)

Below, an element of the 16th Panzerdivision of 12th Army in nothern Greece in April 1941


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