German Generals and Commanders

During World War II, Germany had talented and capable Generals and commanders, who were the proud of the Wehrmacht. Down below there is a list of the best German commanders of the war, according to their tactical skills and courage:

1- Erich von Manstein. He planned Fall Gelb (Case Yellow), which was the German offensive against France through the Ardennes, in 1940. He was one of the most outstanding German commander.

2- Heinz Guderian. Commander of armoured divisions, he was the brain behind the German Blitzkrieg concept. He was also known for his courage and determination.

3- Erwin Rommel. Known as the Fox Desert, he gained renown and respect among both Axis and Allied troops in Northern Africa.

4- Ewald von Kleist. He was one of the most decorated General in the German Army, specially for bravery. He commanded Panzer units, fighting in the Poland Campaign, Battle of France, and on the Eastern Front.

5- Maximilian von Weichs. A highly decorated German officer, he commanded an army corps in the German invasion of Poland, and the 2nd Army in the Battle of France and Operation Barbarossa.

6- Günther von Kluge. He proved to be a brilliant strategist on the battlefield, commanding the 4th Army in Poland, in 1939, and the 2nd and 3rd Panzer Groups in the invasion of the Russia in 1941.

7- Hermann Göring. A WW1 ace pilot, he was the commander of the German Luftwaffe.

8- Karl Dönitz. Commander of the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) who developed the “wolfpack” tactic submarine warefare.

9- Fedor von Bock. He commanded Army Group Center during the invasion of the Soviet Union.

10- Wilhelm List. He was commander of the 14th Army in Poland and the 12th Army in the invasion of France.

11- Walther von Reichenau. Commander of the 10th Army during the invasion of Poland, and 6th Army in the Eastern Front until his death in 1942, being replaced by von Paulus.

12- Gerd von Rundstedt. He commanded Army Group South in the Polish Campaign, Army Group A during the German invasion of France, and Army Group South during Operation Barbarossa.

13- Walther von Brauchitsch. He was commander in chief of the German Army.

14- Eberhard von Mackensen. Commander of 3rd Army Corps of Army Group South during Operation Barbarossa, and commander of 1st Panzer Army in Operation Fall Blau.

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