German Infantry Division (WWII)

The German Infantry Division of World War II consisted of approximately 16,000 men, who were organized in 3 Infantry Regiments, each with an intelligence platoon; 1 Infantry Gun Company, armed with six light 75mm and two heavy 150mm guns; 3 Panzerjäger Companies, armed with twelve 36mm anti-tank guns, and 12 light machine guns; 1 Heavy Battalion equipped with mortars and machine guns; 1 Artillery Regiment; 1 Engineer Battalion, whose weapons included flamethrowers; 1 Intelligence Unit with a telephone company and a radio company; 1 Medical Services Unit with two medical companies. The Panzerjäger Company of the German Infantry Division was a motorized units composed of 3 battalions each with 3 rifle companies. The Division had a divisional staff with motorcycle courier platoon, and a map office. The smallest unit of the German Infantry Division was the rifle squad (Schützengruppe), which consisted of the squad leader and nine riflemen, and thus had a strength of 1 officer and 9 men; during the course of the war, this strength naturally dropped, often to six or five men.

The number of men and structure of the German Infantry Division varied during the course of the war.

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