German Rifle Company

The World War II German rifle company (Schützenkompanie) consisted of a company chief, usually a captain (Hauptmann); company troop; three 50-man rifle platoons (schützenzuge); three antitank rifle troops (panzerbüchsentrupps); a horse-drawn supply train; a commissary unit I; commissary unit II, pack train. The company troop was composed of 1 company troop leader (Feldwebel) with a machine pistol, 4 messengers, 2 messengers with bicycles, 1 groom with a bicycle (all with rifles), 1 medical non-commissioned officer with a bicycle, 1 medical soldier, with pistols.

The full battle strength of the German rifle company added up to 201 men, with a fighting strength to 176 men. Their armament consisted of 16 sub-machine guns, 12 light machine guns, 44 pistols, 130 rifles, 3 antitank rifles, 3 light grenade launchers (mortars), one saddle horse, 12 to 18 draft horses depending on their vehicles, 8 bicycles, 1 motorcycle, 1 motorcycle with sidecar and 3 trucks.

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