Hawker Hind

The Hawker Hind was a British, two-seat biplane which entered service with the Royal Air Force in 1935. Based on the Hart, it was produced by Hawker Aircraft Ltd until late 1938 and played the role of a light bomber, as it had been conceived, during the first two years of World War II. However, from 1942, it would be relegated to fulfill non-combat missions, such as reconnaissance and mail service. It was powered by one Rolls-Royce Kestrel V-12 engine, which delivered 640 horsepower. Upper and lower wings were joined by “N” struts.


The Hawker Hind ws armed with one 7.7-mm, propeller-syncronized Vickers machine gun and one 7.7-mm backward-firing Lewis machine gun. It carried up to 230 kg of bombs.


Type: light bomber
Wingspan: 11.36 m
Length: 8.9 m
Height:3.2 m
Maximum speed: 185 mph
Range: 430 miles




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